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Nobody's Children

Diva Medley
Tapping to Michael Jackson
Turn It Up Louder
Together We Stand
Wake Up

Merrill Osmond

Digital Audio and Video
Recording Studio

Talent 'Live' Studios is a Detroit area recording studio located in southeast Michigan (Canton, Michigan, between Detroit and Ann Arbor on US-12), providing full service audio, video, graphics, and photography studio resources.  We assist in meeting the multimedia and recording needs of not only known national acts - and the up and coming independent stars of tomorrow, but also assist business and industrial clients in meeting their requirements such as marketing or instructional presentations, including changes in technology, and safety training.

Talent 'Live' has grown to where major artists now routinely utilize our industry-leading technology and equipment, along with our production experience and expertise which has evolved over years of operation.


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Some of the various views of the
Talent 'Live' Studios equipment.

Talent 'Live' Studios
44844 Michigan Avenue
Canton, Michigan  48188-2427
Telephone:  (734) 397-3444
Fax:  (734) 397-0927


Now Available at Talent 'Live' Studios:
3-Camera High Definition (1080i) Video

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