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 Kelsey Rose Live from the
2009 National Strawberry Festival

Turn It Up Louder
Together We Stand
Wake Up


Mickey Strange

I See Your Eyes Everywhere
Salomè (She Rules The Universe)


Merrill Osmond


Talent 'Live' Studios has expanded their capabilities to include Creative Graphic Design.

We now are able to do not only still graphic design for posters, print media, CD and Cassette Tape covers, but also Hollywood level graphic animations for use in videos and streaming media.

Using the latest computer software, we are able to meet - and even exceed - the high expectations of our clients for their use in commercials, industrial training videos, printed marketing material, and even internet and intranet based streaming video media.

For more information on our graphics capabilities, e-mail us at info@talentlive.com, or call us at (734) 397-3444.