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 Kelsey Rose Live from the
2009 National Strawberry Festival

Turn It Up Louder
Together We Stand
Wake Up


Mickey Strange

I See Your Eyes Everywhere
Salomè (She Rules The Universe)


Merrill Osmond


Talent 'Live' Recording Studios - the foundation of our company - was founded nearly two decades ago with the sole purpose of helping musicians achieve the highest quality of sound recording attainable anywhere in the Midwest.

We at Talent 'Live' believe with continual upgrades in technology, advanced training, and a creative flair, we are able to follow the artist musician's lead in reaching the level of craftsmanship expected by us and dreamed of by our clients.

Below are links to the various recording areas at our facility.  Click on a link and take a quick look at what we have to offer.

Studio A
  • Control 24 mixing console
  • 24 simultaneous ProTools inputs
  • Infinite number of virtual tracks
  • Over 100 tdm plug-ins
  • Multiple efx
  • Digital tracking
  • Post production mastering with multiple signal processing
  • Digital to analog mastering with all sample rate conversions


Studio B
  • Multiple efx rack
  • 64 input /32ch. Console
  • Video monitors for all studios
  • Digital recording & mastering


Studio C
  • 48 channel tascam mixing console
  • Audio inputs from all studio rooms
  • ADAT digital recording format
  • Multiple fx processors
  • Midi compatible equipment


Midi Room

The Talent 'Live' Midi Room is a facility where artists can apply electronic sounds to their recordings.  Talent 'Live' has an audio sample library second to none, and the capability to interface many instruments including guitar.  Click here to view the Midi Room.