Midi Room



The Talent 'Live' Midi Room is a facility where artists can apply electronic sounds to their recordings.  Talent 'Live' has an audio sample library second to none, and the capability to interface many instruments - including guitar.

Using computer technology, Talent 'Live' has developed one to the most up to date Midi facilities in the Midwest.  An artist can incorporate anything from quantized drums, guitars, and percussion, to a full orchestra.




44844 Michigan Ave.  Canton, MI  48188        Phone:  734-397-3444        Email:  info@talentlive.com

 Kelsey Rose Live from the
2009 National Strawberry Festival

Turn It Up Louder
Together We Stand
Wake Up


Mickey Strange

I See Your Eyes Everywhere
Salomè (She Rules The Universe)


Merrill Osmond












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