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 Kelsey Rose Live from the
2009 National Strawberry Festival

Turn It Up Louder
Together We Stand
Wake Up


Mickey Strange

I See Your Eyes Everywhere
Salomè (She Rules The Universe)


Merrill Osmond


Pryce is an independent Soul-Hop artist born & raised in Detroit, Michigan. Didn't begin writing music till the age of 15 when life started to produce more questions than answers. Now 20, Pryce's debut project "A High To Remember" hit #1 on Datpiff.com's Top 8 & stayed there for 4 days. Pryce's hopes for his future & overall goal in the industry is to change lives with his music & positively influence people all over the world, every single day.. And to leave the world a better place then he found it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Parental Notice: Explicit Language used.

Manager Contact:  Joshua Norris - (734) 239-5673

Booking Info: Prycebooking@rocketmail.com

Twitter: @TheKiDPryce https://twitter.com/TheKiDPryce

Facebook Fan Page: (The KiD Pryce) https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-KiD-Pryce/147827228652580

Soundcloud Link (All Music, New & Old): https://soundcloud.com/thekidpryce

DEBUT MIXTAPE, DATPIFF LINK. PLEASE POST: "A High To Remember" http://www.datpiff.com/Pryce-A-High-To-Remember-mixtape.350871.html








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