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 Kelsey Rose Live from the
2009 National Strawberry Festival

Turn It Up Louder
Together We Stand
Wake Up


Mickey Strange

I See Your Eyes Everywhere
Salomè (She Rules The Universe)


Merrill Osmond




V.I.C is an artist with a different message than most in the industry. Growing up in the Metro Detroit area, his love for music became somewhat of an obsession. He started writing lyrics at the age of 16 as a coping mechanism to help him deal with life’s harsh reality. While not having a supporting cast that saw his vision, he knew it was time to make a monumental change in his life with or without anybody’s help. After initially giving up on his dreams of making music, he felt a certain emptiness and depression that would linger for years. Being sick and tired of trying to fit in the norms of society and work dead end jobs, he recorded his first five tracks to free himself of the mindset that causes most to fail. Overpowering emotion in his lyrics and a true undeniable passion are what separates him from other artists in today's music industry. Knowing his potential, he is on a mission to find the necessary resources to help him take his music career to a level far beyond anyone's expectations.

Artist: V.I.C
Name: Viktor Danilyuk

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